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How to Install Apps from the Microsoft Store on Windows

Downloading apps rather than using the features of the application through its website is far more convenient in today’s times. Installation of a single app keeps the information regarding the usage of the app in your local device and is much more privacy-oriented than the website. There are however many application downloading websites and apps but play store, iCloud and Microsoft store are some of the majorly used in-device applications that are being used worldwide.



Microsoft, on one hand, has launched several versions of windows for many laptop and desktop devices and its latest version is “Windows 10” which is said to be the most user-friendly version of windows.

Windows 10 offers a wide range of apps in its Microsoft store which consists of both paid and unpaid apps.

In order to know how to install apps from Microsoft Store, let’s follow a step by step guide

a). Make a Microsoft account.

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  1. In order to gain access to the Microsoft store, one needs to make a Microsoft account. For this, you have to follow simple steps such as, going into the Microsoft website and clicking on sign up.
  2. The website will ask for a user name and a suitable password for your account
  3. Your account is created in 2 easy steps.

b). Open the Microsoft store.


How to Find, Download Microsoft Windows Store Apps

  1. Click on the start button and simply type “Microsoft store” in the search app, OR you can scroll through the alphabetically arranged application options on the left panel of the “start” window OR you can simply ask Cortana to open Microsoft Store.
  2. After the store opens, the app Store window will show multiple numbers of banners about every kind of app.

c). How to search for specific apps 

  1. On the header of the page, what would seem like a toolbar, one can see many options such as “gaming”, “entertainment”, “deals” etc. 
  2. All you have to do is choose a category in which your desired app falls and search for the app within the category.
  3. If you already have a very specific app in mind, you can simply click the search button and type the name of the app you want to install. 

d). How to download the app.

List of best free Windows 10 Apps & Games in Microsoft Store

  1. First click on the desired app and a new window might pop up showing the details of the app.
  2. On the extreme right, a blue button saying “Get” will be displayed. If the app is free, “Free*” will be displayed just above the “Get” button. And if the app is to be purchased, the amount of the app will be mentioned above the same blue button. 
  3. If the app is free then all you have to do is click the “Get” button and the app will Start downloading.
  4. If the app is chargeable, first you have to complete the payment process and then follow the same steps as above. 

e). How to install apps from Microsoft Store.

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  1. Once the downloading is complete, the get button will automatically change into “install”
  2. All you have to do is, click on the “install” button.
  3. Now click on the “launch” button just beside the download progress bar 
  4. And your app is all ready to be used on your device.

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