How to make money through blogging

This comprehensive guide to making money from blogging will teach you all you need to know to get started.

Source – PCMag

Blogging used to be simply another pastime that some individuals undertook in addition to their full-time employment a few years ago. Blogging works in the same manner today, although a lot has changed. Blogging has become a lucrative online job in 2021, and many individuals are starting blogs to get into this noble industry.

There are many degrees of blogging, much like any other profession (doctor, lawyer, financial advice), with earnings ranging from $1000-$2 million per year.

Other elements like as consistency, your network, self motivation, and goals all play an important role.

However, your specialisation and digital marketing abilities can help you grow quickly in the blogging industry.

You may monetise your blog through a variety of techniques. You may choose the approach that best suits your style based on your degree of blogging and the type of blog you have.

  • AdSense,, and other ad networks
  • Direct Advertisements
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Native Advertising
  • Sponsored posts/paid reviews
  • Offer digital products for sale (eBooks, Blueprints)
  • Start an Online Course Promotion

Aside from standard kinds of advertising, you may experiment with alternative methods of revenue. Rather of simply placing advertising, focus on providing value to your advertiser.

The easiest and most frequently utilised technique for monetizing a blog is through ad networks.

The two most often used ad networks are:
Google AdSense (Provided by Google)

To be approved for these ad networks, you must have a blog. They automatically display advertisements depending on the context of your post as well as user interest. Most new sites utilise these ways to monetize since they provide regular revenue. Since the ads shown are of excellent quality, they don’t actually impact the user experience.

Affiliate marketing is one of the finest methods to generate money since a single transaction is worth a lot more than a single contextual ad click. It’s something that the majority of bloggers are doing these days, and it’s one of the most profitable ways to monetize a blog.

Amazon Affiliate Program, ShareASale, PartnerStack, ImpactRadius, Awin, and Commission Junction are some of the major Affiliate marketing marketplaces you may join.

Another advantage of affiliate marketing is that it can be used on any blogging platform, including Wix, Squarespace, Medium, and even LinkedIn. All you have to do is post your unique affiliate link for the product you’re suggesting, and when someone buys it, you’ll get a large percentage of the sale price. Affiliate marketing is the method through which many bloggers earn millions of dollars each year from their websites.

You’ll note that successful bloggers’ business models revolve around selling their own items, such as eBooks.

All you have to do is choose a topic, write an eBook about it, and sell it on your blog or on Amazon. You can make a fair living selling eBooks online once you’ve become acclimated to the procedure.

Furthermore, having your own product to offer is the greatest way to earn money in the long run. You may make money by compiling your articles into a well-structured book and selling it on your blog or other sites like This will also help you gain reputation as an author.

Native advertising has been one of the most popular ways to monetize your site. Native advertising may be particularly profitable for news and job-related blogs. Taboola, Outbrain, Mgid, and AdSense are a few native advertising options that are worth your time and effort to adopt.

AdSense is without a doubt the finest ad service for bloggers, however it does have certain limits. The most significant constraint is the amount you get paid each click. If you are able to obtain direct advertisements, you should use them instead of AdSense units.

The easiest approach to get started with direct advertising is to experiment with different networks and create a page on your site named “Media-kit or Advertise with us” to keep track of new offers.

This one is ideal for any site with a well-established audience. By executing the campaign for them, you might assist businesses in reaching their target demographic. You’ll be conducting brand collaborations, webinars, sponsored ads, and video production for this.

There will be an increase in the number of blogs that do it with different companies. Keep an eye on this one because it’s already one of the most popular methods to monetise a site.

You can provide a variety of services depending on your abilities. You may provide article writing, logo development, SEO, and other services depending on your skills.

In reality, starting your own business is quite simple. You just need to establish a page on your blog and mention the services you provide. Make sure that the link to that page is prominently displayed in your blog’s navbar for optimum visibility.

Make it as simple as possible for your audience to get in touch with you and learn more about your services. As you work with your first couple of clients, you’ll come up with a slew of new ways to improve your service’s sales process. In reality, certain processes, such as payment and follow-up, will be automated.