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How to upgrade Skyrim to anniversary edition

Bethesda is all set to release its anniversary edition of the Elder Scrolls v: Skyrim.
The game is anticipated to be released this week on its 10th anniversary.
Skyrim re­releases have always been a hot topic for memes for years and the anniversary edition is not far from its
It is being said that Skyrim special edition will get you nostalgic with its original DLCs plus, over 70 creation club packs
and next­gen improvements.
All it can be assumed is pretty huge changes would be seen in the 10 real old games.
None of the gamers would like to miss out on an opportunity to try out the Skyrim anniversary edition.
Let’s get started on the steps as to where and how you can upgrade yourself to the Skyrim anniversary edition.
The elder Scrolls v: Skyrim anniversary edition will be released on 11th November 2021 on PC, PS4, Xbox One, ps5,
Xbox series x, and s. You can easily find the updated version on your console’s store. You can precisely go ahead and
download the updates as needed. We don’t blame you if the Skyrim Anniversary Edition’s significantly discounted upgrade pricing has piqued your
interest. For those who have already purchased the Skyrim Special Edition, Bethesda is providing the anniversary
upgrade at a discounted price.
Everyone has undoubtedly had a copy of Skyrim at some time, and the anniversary upgrade is accessible regardless of
whether you purchased the Special Edition on disc or digitally.
Apart from the upgrade if you are planning to buy the game then it will cost you around 49.99 US dollars or 54.99 Euros
or 79.95 Australian dollars.
You will be an advantage if you are already on Skyrim special edition 2016 as the new version would easily be available
as a downloadable update only for only 19.99 US dollars or 19.99 euros or 29.95 Australian dollars.
Another amazing feature would be that the owners of ps5 and Xbox series x and s systems will also receive a free
patch for the anniversary edition of Skyrim.
Apart from online, offline versions of the Skyrim anniversary edition will also be available for Xbox One and PS4.
However, the prices and availability can vary from place to place. Also, internet access is necessary to redeem and
download the new creation club packs.
But the question arises are you at a loss if you do not want to update? No not at all because you will be getting free
creation club mods for the special edition. Fishing, Survival Mode, Rare Curios, and saints and seducers are the modes
that will be provided to you



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