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How to Use the Metal Detector in Raft
A short walkthrough to getting the Metal Detector in Raft

Raft is a survival game where players are stranded on a raft in the middle of the ocean and must gather resources, build structures, and fend off hostile creatures in order to survive. One of the most important tools in the game is the metal detector, which can be used to find valuable resources that are hidden beneath the water’s surface. In this article, we will discuss how to use the metal detector in Raft and the best strategies for finding resources.

Credits – Steam

How to get the metal detector blueprint:

The first step in using the metal detector is to find the blueprint for it and craft it. The Bluprint is located at the Caravan Island, players need to follow the blue pipe which will leave the player at the bottom of the ocean and then reach inside the blue container crate nearby and retrieve the blueprint. The metal detector can be crafted using 12x Plastic 6x Scrap and 1x battery. Once the metal detector is crafted, it can be placed in the primary slot. The metal detector will then scan the surrounding area for any metal objects. If an object is detected, a sound will be emitted parallel to flashing lights on the metal detector, as the player gets closer to the item the sounds and lights will intensify.

how to use the Metal Detector:

To use the metal detector, the player must be holding the metal detector in the hand. Once the player is close enough, they can press and hold the “use” button to begin scanning. The player can move around while scanning, but they must keep the metal detector within a certain range in order to detect objects. The metal detector will emit a sound when an object is detected. The player can then use the map to navigate to the location of the object.

The metal detector can also be used to find resources that are not metal. For example, the metal detector can be used to find buried treasure which can be decorations for the raft as well, one of these is a tiki head, other things include a pile of junk, a suitcase, all these are worth digging out as they contain pretty valuable things like iron and titanium, a metal detector is a great source for Titanium.

Another strategy for using the metal detector is to use it in conjunction with other tools. For example, the player can use the metal detector to locate objects and then use the grappling hook to retrieve them. This can be especially useful for retrieving objects that are out of reach or located in deep water.

In conclusion, the metal detector is a valuable tool in Raft that can be used to find valuable resources that are hidden beneath the water’s surface. To use the metal detector effectively, the player should craft it, place it on the raft, and scan the surrounding area while keeping the raft in shallow water and moving. Additionally, the player can use the metal detector in conjunction with other tools such as the grappling hook to increase their chances of finding resources. With practice and patience, players can use the metal detector to find resources and survive on the raft.