How To Use WhatsApp On Computer Without WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp is without a doubt the most utilized cross-platform instant application with help for pictures, sound, calls, and many more. WhatsApp is primarily accessible for portable stages however it can likewise be handily gotten to on a PC utilizing WhatsApp Web.

While this may resemble an ideal answer for some, there are a couple of requirements while utilizing the WhatsApp Web entry.

This web application expects you to have and keep a functioning web association on both the versatile and the PC. Every one of the messages that we send on the WhatsApp Web portal are then routed through your phone before being shipped off the end collector. This can possibly defer the conveyance of the messages to a little degree, it likewise implies that cell phones need a functioning web association for the web application to work.

Here are some of the methods to WhatsApp web, have a look at these.

Method 1: Downloading WhatsApp Platform on Windows/Mac PC

On the off chance that you are not keen on getting to WhatsApp utilizing an Internet browser. There is another way where you can download WhatsApp on your Windows or macOS framework from the Apple App Store or the Microsoft Store. The lone necessity here is that WhatsApp upholds just Windows 8.1 (or higher) or Mac OSX 10.9 (or more up to date).

Here’s the ways by which to introduce WhatsApp on your system:

Stage 1: Visit the download page of WhatsApp

Stage 2: Download the file for your right stage, an .exe document will be downloaded for Windows and .dmg file will be downloaded for macOS.

Stage 3: Open the file and complete the installation process.

Stage 4: Once the installation is finished and when you run the application on your system, it will show you a QR code to setup WhatsApp.

Stage 5: Now, open WhatsApp on your phone and go to WhatsApp Web to begin examining the QR code for verification.

Stage 6: Now check the QR code and WhatsApp is fit to be utilized on your PC

Now whenever you get any WhatsApp message you don’t have to get to a program to check for messages. Now all messages will show up until the application is running on the system.

Method 2: Using BlueStacks Emulator

If you are searching for a option without requiring a WhatsApp installation on your phone then fortunately there is as yet a workaround for this.

There are a few Android emulators in the market accessible for Windows which you can download to introduce and run your preferred Android uses. Truly outstanding and least demanding to introduce among these are BlueStacks Emulator.

BlueStacks is very nearly a 10-year-old Android emulator that has created amazing solutions, for example, the BlueStacks App player and a few other cloud-based items.

This specific article manages the item called the BlueStacks App Player which permits you to copy Android applications on your Windows PC or Laptop. This product is likewise accessible on the macOS for individuals who use Apple Computers.

Both, the Windows, and the macOS forms of the software work freely without the requirement for any extra devices. However, on account of WhatsApp, you will require your versatile SIM embedded in a phone during the Setup interaction to guarantee you get the OTP and use it to enroll another account.

Here’s how to setup WhatsApp using BlueStacks Emulator:

Download the most recent version of BlueStacks App Player 

After successful download proceed with the installation of the BlueStacks App Player on your PC or Laptop 

Open the App Store on the BlueStacks App Player, this permits you to download outer applications on your emulator without any problem 

Search for WhatsApp and download the application on the BlueStacks App Player 

At the point when you first open the WhatsApp application on your BlueStacks application player you will be approached to finish the information exchange protocols 

Enter your mobile number and complete the registration to gain admittance to WhatsApp without a QR Code 

Add the contacts that you have to the BlueStacks App Player in the Contacts application 

Start a new chat by clicking on the icon in the upper right or answer effectively to the current conversations

This is a direct method of introducing and using WhatsApp on a PC effectively without examining a QR code and with no extra devices. BlueStacks Player works effectively and permits you to send and get WhatsApp messages straightforwardly from your phone without guiding them through your phone as on account of the WhatsApp Web.