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Huawei patents new foldable phone hinting next Gen Huawei Mate X
Huawei has patented a new foldable smartphone which hints to “Next Gen Huawei Mate X”

Huawei patents new foldable phone hinting next Gen Huawei Mate X

Huawei patents new foldable phone hinting next Gen Huawei Mate X
Image Credits: Universmartphone

Foldable smartphones are now a fact, with manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, and Xiaomi unveiling its pliable handset version. Now the brands are focused on enhancing display technology and testing new folding shape aspects. Huawei looks to be ready now for its second smartphone.

It seems the Mate X was the first product of the firm in this sector, and the new patent would probably follow. So the distinctive thing that Huawei has to offer is the revolutionary folding smartphone: Let’s find out: let’s find out:

Huawei next gen Mate X

The most recent patent was published on the International Organization of Intellectual Property (Wipo). The patent photographs illustrate a pliable design with a new design dimension in which the bulge of the camera may be concealed, and the device’s thickness decreased.

The pictures show a pliable external design. The left upper side features an extended camera cutout when you put the phone flat on a surface and the bulging module on the right. The camera cutout will fit the real module with the instrument padded to the outside.

The hinge-like Mate X or Galaxy Fold positioning is normal for folding (at the centre). This helps to minimize the thickness, which with the normal design would otherwise have been impossible. The new camera cutout on one side appears to be a practical option. However, there are no changes in the folding design.

Huawei’s flip smartphone is a concept at present with a unique design that reduces thickness. While the patent file was published, it will not touch the manufacturing site shortly.

This design is still to be made official by the firm after a lot of studies. One of the biggest problems is retaining the camera depth so that the longevity or quality of the device is not compromised. It’s not known if it is the Mate X smartphone next-generation or simply a fresh corporate concept. However, this is an intriguing approach to design that we want to see on the table.

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