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JioPhone Next features a non-laminated IPS LCD screen
Features of the JioPhone Next non-laminated IPS LCD display, checkout to know more:

JioPhone Next features a non-laminated IPS LCD screen

JioPhone Next features a non-laminated IPS LCD screen
Image Credits: Mr. Phone

As the JioPhone Next’s official release date approaches, we’ve learned a lot more about the impending Rs. 1,999 4G smartphone from Jio. JioPhone Next unboxing videos have begun to circulate online, providing further information on Jio’s first touch screen smartphone.

JioPhone Next – What does it feature?

The JioPhone Next has a 5.45-inch HD+ resolution 1440x720p display. The display is coated by Corning Gorilla Glass 3, which should provide some protection for the screen and help keep it from accidental damage.

Another fascinating thing we’ve found about the JioPhone Next is that it has a non-laminated display, exactly like the normal Apple iPad.

When opposed to a smartphone with a laminated display, a non-laminated display phone will have an air gap between the display panel and the touch digitizer or glass.

This implies that when you look at the JioPhone’s display, you can see a gap between the touch screen and the display panel. And this may have a minor impact on the screen’s visibility and viewing angle. It’s worth noting that the JioPhone Next has an anti-fingerprint covering.

What’s the advantages and disadvantages of Non-Laminated Display

When opposed to a laminated display, a non-laminated display is simpler and less expensive to produce. Furthermore, if the display ever breaks, the top glass panel may be replaced rather than the complete display unit. As a result, a non-laminated display panel is also more repairable than a laminated display.

Given the JioPhone Next’s subsidised pricing, the business may have chosen a non-laminated display to save money. And I don’t believe the target audience will be bothered by this issue.

As previously stated, a non-laminated display will influence the viewing angle, and there will be a gap between the real glass and the LCD screen.

In terms of colour and contrast ratio, a non-laminated display may not seem as nice as a laminated display in direct sunshine.

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