Crypto memes

Memes every Crypto trader can relate to

Life is ever-changing, and never the same. And when it comes to cryptocurrency, it is a rollercoaster of change that sometimes goes up and then comes down, when you least expect it. If you are on the lookout for a good dose of surprising shocks, then it might be time to invest in cryptocurrency. You never run out of surprises there. Sometimes it is a tweet, sometimes it is a beat, you never know what will make you go spiraling down the ‘expect the unexpected’ neighborhood.

Crypto memes

Despite the uncertainty that is second nature to crypto trading, it never stops people from investing in the same, particularly because of its futuristic charm, and the potential to transform the financial front in due course. It is a vague ground, without a solid footing, and yet there are many who are ready to traverse the path, despite the inevitable falls. After all, if you are not ready to take risks, you will never achieve a thing, and that seems to be the catchphrase of cryptocurrency.

And when the rollercoaster hits rock bottom, there is always the overflow of memes and jokes to ease the fall. When humor is added to the blend of bad luck, you get the recipe for sarcasm, and sarcasm by far is the best tool for catharsis. And when your heart dips along with the cryptocurrency values, there is no better way to cope than with memes that portray your situation. Here are a few relatable memes every crypto trader will find solace in.

Talk about an actual change of fortunes. One day you are the king and the next day, it’s no more a thing. Yes, that’s life is all you could console yourself with.

Down and down you go. (It is not really surprising in this context that down rhymes with clown)

One Tweet, and a spectrum of emotions.

If you are somebody with a sensitive heart, then crypto trading isn’t exactly the best option for you.

In the blink of an eye, you touch the sky and then the earth, literally.

Sleep might turn out to be a luxury after a while. Perhaps it’s the dreams or the nightmares, you never know.

Talk about complicated relationships.

You might be familiar with ‘calm before the storm.’ Crypto traders are familiar with both ‘calm before the storm’ and ‘calm in the storm.’