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Nintendo partners with Tag Heuer for developing new “Mario-themed Watch”
Nintendo has reportedly partnered with Tag Heuer and is working on a Mario Themed Watch

Nintendo partners with Tag Heuer for developing new “Mario-themed Watch”

Nintendo partners with Tag Heuer for developing a new “Mario-themed Watch.”
Image Credits: Verge

Nintendo, frequently a toy manufacturer, works together with the premium wristwatch Tag Heuer from all firms. Both businesses have announced their cooperation in a trippy teaser presented in the early part of Friday AM on the next Super Mario watch.

Nintendo Mario-themed Watch

Nintendo Mario-themed Watch

Nintendo partners with Tag Heuer for developing with Nintendo Mario-themed Watch
Image Credits: Phuketdailynews

Tag Heuer confusingly states that on July 13th, you may “energies,” but that the website includes a clock, which is presently two days later: Thursday 15 July at 10 AM ET. You may sign up for the “Exclusive Limited Edition” watch on the Tag Heuer to obtain access early. You might wish to register on this website to be informed when you can actually purchase one of these watches for yourself.

The online registration states that consumers who register will receive an “early drop” connected with the goods. However, there are no further details. However, you will be the first to know if you register for this watch. This can only imply that you will be notified when the watch is available in your area.

A map on this website displays the locations where you may view the watch before you register. Sadly, India is not a location where the watch will be arriving, but so if you’re interested, you may ask someone else to pick it up from another location where the watch will be launched.

The watch will be available on the website of Tag Heuer and in shops. The business has not officially stated how many pieces it can have. It is a limited edition watch.

When you look at what Tag Heuer is renowned for, you can anticipate that the Super Mario watch is a luxury watch with a very costly price tag that makes it a collector’s item and watch enthusiasts like vintage Nintendo.


But the site provides no information on the price of the Nintendo Mario theme reload, but if you look at most of the Tag Heuer reloads, we can tell you that, at the very least, the cost of the reload is fantastic.

Moreover, the watch wouldn’t expect Nintendo’s collaboration that we don’t see as a luxury brand. We are nonetheless confident that this watch might look interested. In the future, we’ll update you with more till TechStory stays tuned.

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