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Nintendo sparks excitement among users with a brief glimpse of Skyward Sword HD Details


Nintendo’s E3 presentation is filled with excitement and surprises, keeping the users on edge with anticipation. Today, it captured the attention of the audience by giving them yet another glimpse of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD. Skyward Sword HD holds the promise of remaining and improving the experience of the original Wii title. Thus the excitement and frenzy on the part of the users are quite reasonable and completely justifiable. Because, for those who have experienced it, gaming is an art, and anything that makes it more spectacular will be welcomed with open hands.

The E3 event has been creating news ever since it commenced with exciting new reveals and improvements, and Twitter has been bearing witness to the same for the past few days. These days, the initial; reflections of every event fall first on Twitter and the same goes for Nintendo’s presentation. Fans couldn’t contain their excitement and it has inevitably spilled on to the social media platform. The responses and reactions are at full flow and it gets all the more interesting with every bit of news.

Here is a set of the best reactions and responses from Twitter.

Looks like the brilliance of the parallels is unparalleled.

Expectations never cease. Gamers are always game for more.

Better days are coming.

Brilliance and splendor in a nutshell.

Nintendo has managed to strike the right nerve yet again.

Everything gets better with time.

It would not be wrong to say that Nintendo knows how to play and game, and definitely, it knows to win.

Sour grapes are inevitable though.

Breath of excitement on point.

And finally, we have a winner. No game is complete without one.



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