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Samsung Galaxy Note will be going through certain innovations
Certain enhancements will be made to the Samsung Galaxy Note, read to know

Samsung Galaxy Note will be going through certain innovations

Samsung Galaxy Note will be going through certain innovations
Image Credits: Dingani Daka (Twitter)

According to the Korean news portal ETNews, the Samsung Galaxy Note line is now over. Not only will there be no Samsung Galaxy Note 22, but the manufacture of 2020’s Galaxy Note 20 line appears to have come to a halt.

It should be emphasized that the source of this information is not specified, with ETNews only noting that “it has been confirmed,” although if correct, it is not altogether shocking.

For some time, we’ve been starting to hear about the end of the Galaxy Note line, especially since Samsung clearly saw the Galaxy Note 21 as expendable in a year when the global chip shortage was biting hard and foldable were a priority — and all evidence points to 2022 looking much the same, with no end in sight to silicon supply constraints.

However, just because the Galaxy Note’s name has been retired does not imply that the basic principles that earned it such a devoted fanbase have been gone forever. Indeed, all indications point to their widespread acceptance with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra variant.

According to the most recent reports, the Galaxy S22 Ultra will be quite similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 20, with a 6.81-inch screen (while the other Galaxy S22 devices are purportedly growing smaller) and a dock for the S Pen.

That final argument will be music to the ears of people who care so deeply about the Galaxy Note that they were willing to beg Samsung to ensure its survival.

While the S Pen is supported by both the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra and the Galaxy Z Fold 3, it’s a rather cumbersome optional extra.

With no dock to rest the S Pen when not in use, it seems less integrated into the smartphone and, as a result, is easily misplaced.

By reintroducing the S Pen to its proper location within the phone, Samsung may be conveying a message that the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is nothing without it.

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