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Samsung reportedly manufacture 20 million of its upcoming Galaxy S22 smartphone
According to reports, Samsung will produce 20 million of its forthcoming Galaxy S22 smartphone.

Samsung reportedly manufacture 20 million of its upcoming Galaxy S22 smartphone

Samsung reportedly manufacture 20 million of its upcoming Galaxy S22 smartphone
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The Samsung Galaxy S22 Series, which includes the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, is expected to be released early next year. According to a recent estimate, the tech behemoth would produce 20 million mobile phones under this high-end smartphone series.

According to The Elec, the basic Galaxy S22 will account for 50% or more of manufacturing and shipment. This model will allegedly have a smaller 6.1-inch display than its predecessor, the Galaxy S21, which had a 6.2-inch display.

The Plus variant would account for 20% of the total units produced and shipped for the entire series, while the Galaxy S22 Ultra would account for the remaining 20% to 30%. The new series will go into commercial production in November of this year.

The smartphones in the range will be available for purchase beginning in January 2022, with all versions powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 898 processor. In terms of specs, the next series might include a new 10MP telephoto sensor with 3x optical zoom capabilities, rather than a high-resolution sensor with limited optical zoom.

Samsung intends to take a different route with the Galaxy S22/S22+ models, which will be released early next year. Instead of the hybrid zoom of the Galaxy S20/S21 era, the Galaxy S22 series smartphones will include a 10MP telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom.

Previous rumors claimed that the twin 10-megapixel telephoto camera arrangement seen on the Galaxy S21 Ultra will be carried over to the Galaxy S22 Ultra. A periscope lens with a 10x optical zoom will be one of the lenses. The Galaxy S22+ is likely to include a 4500 mAh battery. In terms of software, the Galaxy S22 will come pre-loaded with OneUI 4. x, which is based on Android 12.

What else do we know?

The Galaxy S22’s pricing is harder to estimate, given the phone isn’t scheduled to be available until January 2022 at the earliest. (New Galaxy S models are typically launched in February, however, Samsung expedited the introduction of this year’s S21 lineup.)

Pricing should remain competitive with the Galaxy S21, which saw price reductions from the prior generation of Samsung flagships. Thus, the Galaxy S22 would begin at $799, with Plus and Ultra models costing $999 and $1,199, respectively. That might change as we learn more about the rumored phones.

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