Senior manager clarifies how not to get laid off this recession

Well, layoffs are not going to stop anytime soon, and companies are going to cut costs till they are in a better place. Even though no one is talking about it but we are already in a recession by its very definition. So, if you are working at a company, then here’s how not to get laid off during this period.

A Tiktoker, Tony Aube, who is also a Senior Manager in tech, recently shared how layoffs happen and what employees can do to stay safe.

Tony starts the video by saying, “I’m a senior manager and tech. I had to lay off people recently. Here’s how things work behind the scenes.”

Here's how how not to get laid off

He explains, “When the CEO decides to do a layoff, each senior manager is asked to provide a list. That list has the name of everyone they manage, ranked on their skills and how important they are to the company.”

So, basically, if you do well in the list, then chances are you won’t be let go.

But what decides where you rank?

Tony says, “Your importance is based on how long you’ve been at the company, how much you understand the business, and what type of projects you work on.”

He also says the harsh truth that the first group of people who are let go is advertising. Then comes Research and Development, which is working on a “future unproven product.”

Here's how how not to get laid off

The juniors are also not safe because they can be easily replaced.

Tony says, “People who are the safest are usually the engineers and people working on the core money-making products. Anyone with highly specialized, hard-to-find knowledge and salespeople because they are the people who bring in the much-needed money.”

We all are going to be affected by these layoffs and should do whatever we can to protect our jobs.

So, Tony gives some advice to everyone, “If you want to protect your job, make sure you have a good reputation for delivering quality work.”

And most importantly, make sure you’re working on the most important money-making projects and have a great working relationship with your senior manager.

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However, the fact that engineers will always be safe isn’t true as well. So, don’t take anything for granted.

A viewer commented on this video saying, “Me as an engineer with 5-year experience working on a core product, the only diverse memeber of the team, got laid off.”

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