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Princo Developes Smart Watch Technology With An Emergency Calling Feature

smart watch technology with emergency calling feature

Today, with the rise in popularity of smartwatches you could perform a variety of tasks without even picking up your phone in your hand. Princo Corporation has made some changes in the traditional smartwatches and added some of the cool functionality that may prove to be very useful in certain conditions.

They have also filed the patent for the watch which includes feature like emergency help seeking method and the speed dial method.

Why this technology?

The need for this technology arises from the fact that the life is becoming faster now. People do not have time to use the desktop or traditional phones. It is because of this reason people shifted from laptops and desktops to mobile devices and if this trend continues in future then we could see people shifting to smart watches also.

The biggest advantage of this watch is that it offers many different types of calling services and you do not need to even touch the screen for this purpose. How cool is that!!


Suppose you are stuck in some situation like in a house that has caught the fire or in some bank robbery situation. Then in this situation, if you have the watch that could perform the calling function, then that could save your life. You could use this watch to just simply contact any of your friends and ask for his or her help.

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There are some similar technologies that do exist in the current market but all of these technologies require you to either press some button on the mobile device or open some kind of app then call your friends. But, if you have the watch developed by Princo then you need not press any button or open any app.

How does this technology work?

This smart watch is connected to your mobile device and the biggest advantage is that it is not necessary that it has to be watch. The device could be any wearable device like some kind of band or anything.

The user could connect to his or her friend with the help of this wearable device which in turn connects to the user’s mobile device and places the call to the other user.


Now, the user needs not to press any button for this function. He can simply tap the device or shake the wearable device. This will send the message to the wearable device that user wants to use the emergency calling service. After this, the wearable device would place the call using the user’s mobile device.

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The speed dial feature is also incorporated in this watch. The user simply needs to shake or tap the device certain number of times. On the basis of the number of times the user has tapped the device, it will place the call to the corresponding number.

Suppose, that a user wants to call the number saved at the speed dial 5. So, he needs to tap the device 5 times. This will send the message to the device that the user wants to connect to the friend whose number is stored at the speed dial no 5.


What’s next?

The next thing for the Princo corporation is to use this technology in the real life scenario. They have to deal with many challenges like what if the user unknowingly taps the screen? Will the device send the message or connect call in that scenario also? Now, we would have to wait and see how Prince goes with this technology.

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