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Stories @ Techstory – Weekly Roundup !

Week3This was a very interesting week at Techstory ! On one hand we covered two very young startups – Refiral, a marketing firm that has seen phenomenal growth since inception in early part of the year and Slyly Simple, a startup with a very interesting concept of bringing gourmet experience to the comfort of your home. On the other hand we covered some of the well known startups such as EduSports, a school centric solution to engage children in Physical Education (PE) & Sports, TravelKhana, an online portal that allows travellers on trains to order their favourite food and delivers that favorite food at their train seat. This week we also spoke to  Gourav Rakshit, COO, Shaadi.com about their latest ‘Like Like’ campaign with Select Shaadi. This week India also made history by inserting its Mangalyaan satellite into the Mars orbit. This very inspiring mission has lots to teach every entrepreneur and we focused on the same on techstory.

Below is a quick recap of this week on Techstory.

EduSports – Providing holistic education to children though the magic of sports !

EduSports, a school centric solution to engage children in Physical Education (PE) & Sports was started by Saumil Majmudar along with four other cofounders. Saumil is recognized as one of 50 leaders changing Indian education by Education World, he has been working with schools, federations, policy makers and sponsors towards creating more quality opportunities for children to experience the magic of sports/physical activity.  With a strong passion toward working for the betterment of health and wellness for the next generation, EduSports is one of a kind startup that will shape the future of the country. A must read story !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/edusports/

Slyly Simple – Bringing a gourmet experience to the comfort of your homes!

Slyly Simple Gourmet Kitchen creates hand crafted, fresh, whole wheat pasta and pasta sauces which are packaged and distributed such that people can cook themselves a gourmet meal with basic kitchen equipment and with limited cooking experience. Slyly Simple was founded by Surabhi Ganguly in May 2014.Surabhi  travelled and experienced different cuisines, she found her calling in food. One startup that brings us a gourmet experience to the comfort of your own homes in our busy schedules, Slyly Simple is a must read story for every food lover !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/slylysimple/

The exciting journey of TravelKhana – Bringing your favorite food to your seat in the train !

Travelkhanaan online portal that allows travellers on trains to order their favourite food, delivers your favorite food at your seat! Travelkhana works with partner restaurants in selected cities to deliver food to passengers requested by them through their website or through their phone (passengers can order via sms as well). Travelkhana was started by Mr. Pushpinder Singh who brings his technology experience to travelkhana and has made technology an integral part of the company’s operations.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/travelkhana/

What entrepreneurs can learn from the Mangalyaan mission !

What a proud day it was for all of us Indians yesterday ! Mangalyaan entered Mars orbit ! India achieved the ‘near impossible’ when it carried out this mission successfully ! This mission has lots to teach all of us running any kind of businesses or programs. This article covered some of the learnings for entrepreneurs from the Mangalyaan mission.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/what-entrepreneurs-can-learn-from-the-mangalyaan-mission/

Refiral – helping online businesses boost their sales !

Refiral is one of India’s leading marketing firms that helps online businesses boost their sales by increasing their conversion rates, help acquiring new customers and retaining their existing customers. All this is accomplished through a unique social viral referral marketing tool, which is fully automatic, 100% customizable and easy to set up. A company that has managed to acquire a number of high profile clients within only 6 months of inception, Refiral is one startup to watch out for !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/refiral/

Select Shaadi and their ‘Like Like’ Campaign !

SELECT SHAADI is world’s leading personalised matchmaking service from Shaadi.com.Based on the central theme of ‘Evolution of Communication’, Select Shaadi undertook a 360 degree campaign.Today ‘like-minded’ness has emerged as one of the top criteria’s amongst youngsters looking for a groom/bride giving germ to the ‘Like Like’ factor which is the pivot of the campaign.  The campaign was aggressive promoted across all platforms including, TV, social media and was hugely popular across the country.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/selectshaadi/



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