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Tesla Model S Plaid+ Is Not Needed Anymore
Elon Musk says Plaid is so good, there is no need of Plaid+

Tesla enthusiasts kept eagerly waiting for the Model S Plaid delivery event. Elon Musk suddenly announces that the car with an acceleration of 1.99 seconds from 0-60 MPH, Tesla Model S Plaid+ is canceled.

Tesla cancels Model S Plaid+ ahead of event: What about 520+ miles of range?

Image credits- Green Car Reports

There are various changes with Model S Plaid version production. While Tesla is known for delays with its production and deliveries. First Elon Musk announces that there is a “Delivery Event” for Plain S on June 3rd. Then he says there is one week delay with the event. Finally, Tesla stops taking orders for Plaid+.

Being the world’s fastest production car, the Model S Plaid+ achieved 0-60mph under 2 seconds. Furthermore, Tesla initially planned to launch Plaid and Plaid+ variants for both Model S and X. However, the Plaid+ production was to start by mid-2022.

Invitations roll out

On June 10th the Tesla Plaid delivery event is the most awaited event. Earlier the deliveries were planned to start by February 2021. However, the chip shortage and other supply chain hurdles delayed the Model S Plaid deliveries.

Tesla Model S Plaid “Needs one more week of tweak.”

The invitations for the event roll out as more details about Plaid are yet to be unveiled. Knowing as the car that can fly, without extra equipment. The excitement about how it feels to drive the fastest production car is much awaited.

As Elon Musk Stated on production challenges during last earnings call,

“So the team has really done an incredible job of dealing with really severe supply chain shortages. So with respect to the Model S and X, there were more challenges than expected in developing the Model S or what we call the Palladium program. Which is the new version of Model S and X. Wich has revised interior and new battery pack and new drive units and new internal electronics and has, for example, a PlayStation 5 level infotainment system.”

Also, the chip shortage and other raw materials shortage have affected almost every EV manufacturer in the past year. Tesla managed to stay in the game with its earlier preparations. However, in recent times they too had to increase the Model S and Model Y production.

Logically it is better to not have Plaid+ models till the production issues are resolved. In May, Tesla sold more than 240% of cars in Europe than last year. It was mostly possible because Giga Shanghai was delivering the cars to Europe this time. And with China’s sales down for last month, the demand is fulfilled in Europe. Till Giga  Berlin (Tesla’s Europe factory) starts production, Tesla has an urgent need to supply all over Europe.

Though, the actual reason other than “Plaid is good enough” aren’t specifically stated. It does make sense considering Tesla’s position in terms of supplying the demand.




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