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This USB cable can kill your laptop if its disconnected
Protection from physical assaults is provided by a new bespoke USB magnetic breakaway cable

This USB cable can kill your laptop if its disconnected

This USB cable can kill your laptop if its disconnected
Image Credits: Buskill

Even though you can protect your gadgets from infections by installing antivirus software and using a VPN to protect your online privacy, protecting your devices from physical attacks can be far more challenging.

As a response, the BusKill group has developed a one-of-a-kind USB magnetic breakaway cable which serves as a dead man’s switch for laptops. If someone tries to steal your laptop by damaging the magnetic connections, your laptop will be automatically secured if you utilize BusKill’s unique USB cable.

Whereas this degree of security may be overkill with most people, journalists, activists, politicians, and those who are more susceptible can utilize this solution to secure their devices and data.

The developers at BusKill have been working on this project for about two years. The initial version was designed as a do-it-yourself project, enabling anyone with the requisite hardware to compile the source code; nevertheless, it only operated on Linux at the time, and the components needed to get it up and running quickly sold out.

About Buskill USB cable

BusKill’s customized USB cable, which again was crowdsourcing on CrowdSupply, has become available for $59 as well as contains a Mac, Windows, and Linux program that allows users to arm and disarm the cable with a single button click.

Michael Altfield, the project’s creator, told TechCrunch more about the current generation of BusKill and why he opted to broaden the project’s reach beyond Linux:

“Many people aren’t afraid of secret police breaking into their houses because of top-secret information gained through whistleblowers, but this is the level of threat for which BusKill was designed.” We additionally intended journalists who are just not familiar with Linux or the CLI [command prompt] to just be capable of utilizing it.”

BusKill’s program may well be tweaked to fire a self-destruct command in addition to locking your smartphone for individuals who are comfortable with Linux.

That command encrypts a device’s cryptographic keys, rendering its data unavailable to prying eyes. Altfield intends to introduce BusKill triggers in the future, which will power down a computer if the magnetic cable is destroyed.

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