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To motivate teens to get vaccinated, Washington DC giving away Apple AirPods
Washington, DC, is giving out Apple AirPods to encourage adolescents to get vaccinated

To motivate teens to get vaccinated, Washington DC giving away Apple AirPods

To motivate teens to get vaccinated, Washington DC giving away Apple AirPods
Image Credits: Everyday Carry (Twitter)

The District of Washington, D.C., according to Mayor Muriel Bowser (D), will give away AirPods, gift cards, and thousands of dollars in scholarship money to motivate more adolescents and teens to obtain COVID-19 vaccinations.

Apple AirPods for Teens?

Apple AirPods for Teens

Apple AirPods for Teens
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Youngsters aged 12 to 17 who receive their first COVID-19 shot at one of three sites will receive a set of AirPods or a $51 gift card, a nod to the campaign to make Washington, D.C., a more livable city. A city that is more walkable U.S. State No. 51 – According to the mayor, teens may also compete for a $25,000 scholarship or an iPad with headphones.

Many state and local authorities, including Bowser, have used various incentives to increase immunization rates in recent months, according to The Washington Post. On June 1, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice (R) promised cash prizes, firearms, and trucks to anyone who was vaccinated. Money-back awards have been implemented in Maryland, Michigan, and Ohio, among other areas.

Washington, D.C. people have been vaccinated against COVID-19 in considerable numbers. COVID-19 instances in the District continue to increase despite this and with this initiative, the major officials believe to increase the number of vaccination taken by people on a daily basis.

CDC reports that Washington DC. On Friday, there were an additional 128 occurrences of the condition that required attention. Last month, the number of new cases in the city was in the single digits or low double digits. Bowser stated last week that Washington DC. would be a great place to live. Because of the high levels of COVID-19 transmission, indoor mask usage has been reinstated.

Wrapping Up:

As a result of Washington, DC’s new vaccination campaign, the entire country might benefit from a more faster vaccination process. Untold numbers of other countries have also endorsed this approach, with some even planning similar incentives for vaccinations. When additional information becomes available, we’ll let you know. Stay tuned to TechStory for additional details in the meanwhile!

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