Twitter erupts with memes as Elon Musk tweets a Silver Medal to Jeff Bezos.

The ridiculous and dramatic rivalry between tech moguls Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos has once again provided Twitter with an abundance of hilarious memes. The long-standing rivalry between the two billionaires and the occasional(or perhaps more than occasional) locking of the horns between the two is not surprising anymore. And now the latest jibe at Bezos by Musk is the reason why Twitter is witnessing hilarious responses and memes. In response to a tweet by Bezos, Musk tweeted a silver medal with a number two on it. And this hits all the harder as Musk had said about sending a silver medal to Bezos with a “giant statue” of number 2. Here is the tweet by Bezos that kickstarted all the action and reaction.

Responses on Twitter

The silver medal Musk tweeted is a good example of an attack that is subtle yet deep. At first glance, it’s just an appreciative medal, till you notice the “2” on it and then the symbolism strikes. And it has struck hard for Twitterati cannot keep quiet and their responses attest to this fact. Who said that you get to see drama only on TV shows? As long as there is Musk and Bezos and their never-ending cold war, we will never run out of a good dose of drama. Because this is not the first time the two billionaires have engaged in a battle of words. The silver medal is only the latest one in the saga of public spats and arguments. The silver medal is definitely sour grapes for Bezos. And the sourness becomes all the more apparent as Musk takes up the position of the world’s richest man with a whopping net worth of $200 billion. Ever since the silver medal made its appearance, the Twitter town has been brimming with responses that are a blend of hilarity and sarcasm. Let us flip through a few of them. After all, this whole ridiculous drama between the two does yield some goo quality entertainment in the form of memes.

However this time, there are people taking up Bezos’ side too.

Now, that is a very valid reaction to a silver medal.

Now that was the meme we were all looking for.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that fifth graders have better negotiation skills than these two.

Something is definitely hilarious here.

Well, something is always better than nothing.


And the battle en’sues’

Sarcasm after all is the best weapon.