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Stories @ Techstory – Weekly Roundup !



Sweets InBox – The Halwai goes online.

Radhika and Abinav Khandelwal’s Sweets Inbox provides a platform where one can buy mithais, namkeens, chocolates, cookies from India’s leading mithai vendors and get them home delivered in minimum possible time.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/sweets-inbox-online/

Slateone – Helping organizations increase productivity through skills development !

SlateOne is a solution which helps organizations measure, track & develop employee skills.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/slateone/

Stayzilla launches “Sell rooms”- an SMS powered B2B app for ‘stay’ partners

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/stayzillasellrooms/

List of India’s Richest!

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/list-of-indias-richest/

Treat yourself like royalty on your special day with Paradise Experiences !

Ravi Huliyappa’s Paradise Experiences specializes in providing luxury custom experiences to celebrate your events in Bangalore city.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/paradiseexperiences/

Zomato acquires Urbanspoon

Zomato, the restaurant search app, announced today that it has acquired Urbanspoon for an undisclosed amount in an all-cash deal. The acquisition marks Zomato’s entry into the United States and Australia.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/zomatourbanspoon/

Deepinder Goyal – Founder & CEO @Zomato – Serving Food & Technology on One Plate !

A brief profile of the founder and CEO of Zomato- Deepinder Goyal, the man behind one of the most well know internet company of India !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/deepindergoyal/

Elon Musk – Work ethics, Principles, Attitude, Failure – Pearls of Advice.

[Video] – Elon Musk – Work ethics, Principles, Attitude, Failure – Pearls of Advice.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/elon-musk-work-ethics-principles-attitude-failure-pearls-of-advice/

India’s Youngest CEOs

Making your way to the top in a well established business could be challenging. Here are 4 of India’s youngest members to make it to the top in their organization.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/indias-youngest-ceos/

FlippAR – Augmented Reality on your Mobile Phones !

FlippAR’s mission is to get people to use augmented reality everyday to access information at the right time, at the right place, in the right format! ( Check out video of their stamp information app! #reallycool)

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/flippar/

Visualize your dream home with Ghar360 !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/ghar360/

India’s 10 highest funded tech startups of 2014 !

So which startups got the most funding in 2014 ? Find out here !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/highestfunded2014/

Get Best Career Advice Straight From Experts through Zuriy !

Getting the right advice at the right time can work wonders for your career. Zuriy is video chat based marketplace that connects users with experts who can guide them.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/zuriy/

Mark Zuckerberg’s Profile: Game Changers !

From Harvard dorm rooms to NASDAQ trading floors – the Facebook CEO’s sheer and sometimes stubborn determination.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/markzuckerbergs/

MyNoticePeriod – Connecting recruiters to the Real Job Seeker !

Ex Yahoo employees Manjunath Talwar and Abhijeet Khasnis create one of India’s most promising job sites – MyNoticePeriod.com – to solve the big problem of recruitment for organisations !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/mynoticeperiod/

India’s best cashback site – Pennyful !

Ravitej Yadalam, Founder and CEO of India’s first cashback site Pennyful, talks to Techstory about his commitment towards cashback, creating differentiation in the market and moving into the healthcare cashback space with MediRupee .

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/pennyful/

Top Indians in US Tech Industry

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/top-indians-in-us-tech-industry/

Elon Musk: 5 Areas That Will Have the Most Important Effect on Humanity

In an interview with VC Steve Jurvetson, Elon Musk says he outlined these business opportunities while standing in the shower.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/elonmuskinterview/



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