Adidas unveils environment friendly solar-powered headphones
Adidas unveils environment friendly solar-powered headphones Image Credits: Big Geek

Adidas unveils environment friendly solar-powered headphones
Adidas has unveiled a new environment friendly solar-powered headphones

Adidas unveils environment friendly solar-powered headphones
Adidas unveils environment friendly solar-powered headphones
Image Credits: Big Geek

“When you want to feel like you’re part of a better future movement, these are your headphones.”

This is the launch of a couple of headphones, but the statement only stresses how important it is that the upcoming Adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones are given by Gustaf Rosell, Zound Industries Chief Product & Innovation Officer.

Curred by their infinite “playing duration” by light, they are being created as part of Adidas’ strong and continuous efforts. In an email discussion with Digital Trends, Rosell gave us a unique insight into this fascinating product.

While Adidas is known mostly for its apparel, it also works with Zound Industries, a specialist who manufactures its goods under the brand of urbanear and also develops headphones with Marshall. The link between the two firms was revealed by Rosell.

“We have worked with Adidas for around three years, and we see our values adding up strongly in areas such as sustainability, well-being, and innovation,” Rosell told Digital Trends. “The mission when it comes to tech is to provide the best audio products for use while training in various ways, from hardcore athletics to athleisure.”

Adidas has some significant objectives in terms of sustainability. It utilizes exclusively cotton, for instance, and only recycled polyester will be used in its goods from 2024.

Adidas wants to be climatically neutral by 2050. A large part of this endeavor is the new RPT-02 SOL headphones, ranging from the way they are packed and charged to the manner they terminate their lives.

Adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones

Adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones
Adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones
Image Credits: Anuj Atri

The next flagship headphones of Adidas, the RPT-02 SOL, are not only built up and packed using a high proportion of recycled material but can also be recycled in the future with a sustainable source of power: Light. Light. Solar charging isn’t new, as the technology from automobiles has already come, so what is distinctive about the RPT-02 SOL?

“Any light powering them is one of the main distinctions,” stated Rosell. “The strongest source is direct sunshine, but even interior illumination or, much more effectively, near to the windows generates energy. The cells are versatile in application and not as shadowy as conventional solar cells.”

The purpose of everything is to allow the RPT-02 SOL to give the “everlasting fun,” sounds too good to be true in periods of usage, measured in hours, or at best ten, at regular intervals. Is it conceivable and what about scenarios in which strong light, such a long-haul, may not be accessible throughout the night?

“That’s virtually perpetual playing when the [headphones] are constantly exposed to light, not necessarily outside, although that helps,” stated Rosell. “Where light is low, there is plenty of backup for 80 hours of fun. It should [charge] if it’s in the light regularly for long-haul trips, but it’s always an option to charge USB Type C cable before or onboard.”

It’s difficult to think that you will find yourself in a scenario when 80-hour playtime is not sufficient to see again light but the other characteristics and the problems of manufacturing the RPT-02 SOL headphones?

“On the mechanical side, there are most other problems,” stated Rosell. “We want our hearing systems to survive, for instance without being carefully handled, not just for normal use, but also for intensive use in the gym. Both sides have worked together effectively to identify the best set up for charging gadgets, however, finding ways to demonstrate charge levels motivating behavior and making the experience entertaining is a little challenging.”

In fact, what does this mean? Adidas and Zound Industries will give the charging some motivational fun. The headphones have an LED indicator that displays how easily it charges under different light situations.

This also teaches you where to store them when they are not in use to pay a fee. It is also applicable to the application functionality and can be an incentive for practicing in the sun and therefore make a good contribution to the charge.

Ask about the cancellation of noise? Rosell has stated that, because of its on-ear design, the RPT-02 SOL will not mainly offer Active Noise Cancelations, which might nevertheless change in the future.

“We can fully incorporate active noise cancellation for future products, but this would probably be in the over-earing headphone because on-ore does not give a high ANC performance with the proper amount of insulation,” he stated.

The solar charge is what makes the Adidas RPT-02 SOL interesting for us as technology enthusiasts, but it also plays an important role in the overall sustainability of the product. The headphones are viewed by Adidas and Zound Industries as “a circular product,” which means that they are sustainable and reusable and will be re-produced so that waste is minimized.

“The Adidas RPT-02 SOL applies circular thinking in several areas.” He said, Rosell. “Large plastic portions of items like air conditioning systems, water bottles, and vehicle headlamps are recycled from consumer products. We have our unique supply chain, which allows recycled plastics to be produced in varied colors and grades. It is designed with fewer and fewer electrical circuit boards and fewer materials for easy recycling when it comes to dismantling.”

“Both we use recycled paper and/or we are responsible, adds Rosell, for packaging and little or extremely minimum use of plastics. The Adidas RPT-02 SOL hanger is constructed of paper rather than plastic in comparison with previous models. All plastics have been reduced to nearly plastic-free in the packing.”

In the RPT-02 SOL headphones, recycled polyester will not be used for manufacturing portions, but only for some ordinary plastic and metal, if necessary, as part of a more flexible and durable environment, in addition to recycled plastic.

Rosell said he hoped it would “help more people know about how energy is created and more about sustainability, by utilizing light to charge the RPT-02 SOL and committed to the notion of the so-called circular product.”

Adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones – Pricing and availability

Adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones – Pricing and availability
Adidas RPT-02 SOL headphones – Pricing and availability
Image Credits: Anuj Atri

“The project takes us halfway, and in the first part of 2022 we aim to release it,” said Rosell.

The price should vary between $199 and $229 and should be more close to commencement. While we still have some time to see the RPT-02 SOL, we may get an idea of how light-driven telephones will work until next year as Urbanista announced Los Angeles headphones in April that are also photovoltaic from any light source and that will begin at the end of July.

What is the difference between RPT-02 SOL and urbanistic headphones in Los Angeles? Five key regions were emphasized by Rosell.

“The RPT-02 SOL in co-operation with Adidas and authentic brand expression is a product developed from scratch. It is comprised of recycled, recycled, and finished materials. They are designed using insights from our training designers for training and active living. Finally, these headphones are on-ear in comparison to the over-earing forming element of Urbanista and make it more compact and lighter in the shape of a training scenario.”

Urbanista Los Angeles uses a Powerfoyle solar charging technology, built by Exeter, a sustainable firm of technology that, like its RPT-02 SOL, is allegedly supplying 80-hour power reserve. The technology utilized on the RPT-02 SOL has been confirmed by Rosell.

The Los Angeles headphones have a noise cancellation feature. Solar headphone charging is an interesting development, and Rosell was especially enthusiastic about the Adidas initiative.

“The holistic impact of using the light cell and the advanced usage of recyclable materials is everything that is packed in an extremely robust, pleasant, and sounding headset,” he answered. “How future consumer electronics items are to be produced is a little icon for us.”

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