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All-new PS5 bundle for $1,119 becomes the worst Black Friday deal for the year
The all-new PS5 combo for $1,119 is the year's worst Black Friday offer, read to know more:

All-new PS5 bundle for $1,119 becomes the worst Black Friday deal for the year

All-new PS5 bundle for $1,119 becomes the worst Black Friday deal for the year
Image Credits: QVC

With Black Friday sales in full force, many stores are presently giving excellent discounts and offers, and we’ve also seen a revival in PS5 resupply events in recent weeks, but this “special” from QVC is one to avoid.

The merchant is presently selling a PS5 combo for $1,119 (plus $22 for shipping and handling!). Given that the usual retail price of the system is $499, you’d think QVC is bundling some fairly attractive products alongside the console to justify such a high price. You’d be completely wrong.

This PS5 package includes the system’s disc edition, copies of Division 2 and Destiny 2, an unbranded bag (apparently large enough to hold the console), and some sort of gift coupon. The value of this coupon, as well as where it may be used, is not specified on the product listing page.

It should also be mentioned that The Division 2 and Destiny 2 are PlayStation 4 exclusives. While the latter has a native next-gen version that is free to download, The Division 2 is very much a last-gen title. You’d assume that for $1,119, you’d receive a pair of the top PS5 titles, like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart or Returnal.

This isn’t QVC’s only package, but the others aren’t any better. The lowest PS5 package costs $999 and includes a digital copy of the system ($399 retail price), a pair of insignificant coupons, and a generic headset and charging station. It’s safe to say that these bundles will not be included in our Black Friday PS5 sales list.

We’ve seen shops offer dubious bundles in the past, but QVC’s PS5 resupply “offers” are among the worst we’ve ever seen. Given that demand for the PS5 has increased in recent weeks as we approach the holidays, these bundles are clearly attempting to take advantage of buyers wanting to secure a system by any means possible.

It’s difficult to put an appropriate retail price on the package without knowing the worth or use of the accompanying voucher, however, some very rough estimations would place the value at around $599. At the very least, most merchants aren’t using these dubious practices and are instead selling the system at full retail price when possible. Save our PS5 replenishment guide and we’ll notify you the next time stock becomes available at a major shop, allowing you to avoid paying exorbitant prices for a rip-off bundle.

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