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Best Apps To Watch Live Sports

In this modern technological age where everything is on-hand demand, the appetite for live sports has grown immensely. Especially with the growth of the whole sports betting industry, fans and gamblers alike are keen to know where they can get access to their games.

After all, they ought to make sure to make the best bet. And with the growth of media platforms to cater to this demand, one can partake in such offerings from the convenience of a mobile device. The most recent live game streaming applications enable fans to catch sporting events whenever and wherever.

In case you are in the market for access to live sporting events, we’ve got you covered with a run-down of some of the best apps and featured insights on their operations that you can use to follow your sports teams or events. Fans following their favorite team can download one of these apps to know how their team is doing.

1.      beIN Sports Connect

This is one of the more powerful live sports streaming apps with a diverse pure sport offering on this list. With broadcast rights to several top football leagues and sports events, they have a star-studded offering. Alongside live sports, they also provide news, highlights, videos, scores, and league standings with commentary from their panelists of former players and managers.

2.      ESPN

The Sports media factory of the world, ESPN is the veritable face of sports programming. They have broadcasting rights for an assortment of sports from NBA, NFL, UFC, to name a few. Their streaming platform ESPN+ gives you access to programming from channels in their network from ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, SEC Network for a start. All of them live to stream unlimited for a subscription.

The app’s user interface and front-facing dynamics are well designed and perform well with live sports, news, highlights, scores and standings, and commentary. It operates efficiently at moderated internet speeds; one does not require 5G to achieve good streaming quality.

3.      DAZN

An enigma earlier on, DAZN has grown from a niche sport offering to a fully-fledged sports streaming app in its own right. Its claim to fame initially was prized boxing bouts, but it has since grown.

DAZN has been able to procure broadcast rights for sporting events in many countries and territories by running on a subscription model. The app, available on app stores, works with multiple devices and affords you access to football and boxing, among other sports.

4.      Live NetTV

One of the platforms that host an array of live content, including sports programming, the Live NetTV App is a veritable one-stop-shop for a great deal of content. Comprising the likes of film, tv, and live sports among many more types of programming from more than ten countries, you will be spoilt for choice.

Search for the sporting event you wish to watch and select from one of the links provided. Choose among the links that work with the best connection for your video player and enjoy the experience.

5.     FuboTV

FuboTV is an ideal alternative to pursue for sports fans. While primarily a sports platform with live streaming games and events, Fubo TV also offers a bouquet of other programming such as movies, tv, news, and network television.

The avid sports follower can get their fix of MLS soccer, MLB, NFL, and NBA with the ability to dabble in other types of media as well. Access is via subscription with bundles from simple to full scale with all the bells and whistles. The simple bundle starts from $20 every month.

6.     Fox Sports Go

From one of the premier sports media engines in the USA and the world, the FOX Sports App, you get exclusive access to all of the networks shows and live sports on the FOX Sports network from FS1, FS2, Fox College Sports, Fox Deportes, Fox Soccer+, the Big Ten Network and so much more.

Not to mention, if you like to game and gamble, you can play with their FoxBet sportsbook. The app can be downloaded on any device, simplifying your ability to catch live games and shows such as Undisputed and The Herd no matter where you are with no hidden costs.


People want to be in the moment without missing a beat. Markedly so, with much of the world coming out of shutdowns and vaccination efforts continuing to ramp up in the coming years. Live sports will boom.

With the apps we have gone over, you can comfortably catch all manner of lives sports your heart desires. From football to boxing to swimming.



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