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The Most Popular Technology Behind iGaming Software

Video games have made significant progress since they entered the mainstream in the 1980s. Still, due to some incredible advances in technology, they have made the future of gaming even brighter. The games have become so accessible that we can get them online for free. Technology has changed our living styles in many aspects, especially in communication, work, and leisure. Looking back, we can see the evolution and the implications that technology has on our way of life. This article will focus on the entertainment sector and discuss how different games have changed due to new technologies, especially in gambling.

The Progression of Gambling

Gambling has experienced a significant change over the years. Undeniable proof of this is the existence of online casinos and bookmakers. Those interested in trying their luck can currently do so physically or via the Internet. The second option implies some advantages over the traditional model, such as comfort and privacy. However, many players still prefer classic casinos due to their environment. One example that best proves the evolution of the game of chance is a slot machine. It used to be placed in bars or arcades in the old days. Also, they were pretty on the spot in terms of fun. However, with online casinos, slots have been completely transformed and now do not resemble the initial model. Nowadays, there are thousands of online slots with different themes and functionalities. Many of them include elaborate graphics, videos, and animations and feature multiple mini-games. The most popular slots are those that have a 3D version. It is more than evident that technology has also made a dent in this sector.

Free Progressive Slots

Progressive or jackpot slots are slots with a progressively increasing prize. Slots can have progressive or non-progressive jackpots, cumulative or fixed jackpots. In progressive slots, the award is not limited. The pot increases with each new deposit until you win the prize. Play free progressive slot games before playing at a real money casino. Learn about casino slot games that offer great bonuses.

Facial Recognition

3D scanning and facial recognition technology allow the systems to create your image in the gaming world. That way, you can create a custom avatar that looks like you) and can transfer your expressions to other digital creations. On top of that, the newest technology makes it possible for developers to create games tailored to the player’s emotions by scanning 78 different spots on a person’s face.

Speech Recognition

Voice-controlled games have been around for a while. Still, the potential of using the technology in gaming systems has finally caught up with reality. Computers can now quickly recognize user voice commands. Apart from turning the console on and off using this technology, it is also possible to use voice commands to control the game. Furthermore, you can interact on social media networks, play selections from your media library or search the web. You can do it all, just talking to your gaming system.

Gesture Control

Intel RealSense technology allows you to play first-person shooter games, or interact with your device, with just a couple of movements of your hand. Using a 3D camera that tracks 22 different points on your hand, the control gesture allows users to connect with their gaming experience using natural body movements. For example, some games use RealSense technology, so you can use your hand (the outline of which appears on the screen) to guide a group of ancient Greek soldiers to safety.

Incredible Graphics

We’ve made significant progress from the days of basic 8-bit graphics of the games. Cutting-edge advancements now allow players to experiment with games in fully rendered worlds with realistic photo textures. The capacity to increase playability with higher image quality makes it look like you’re in the game.

Virtual Reality

Many virtual reality game consoles have yet to be released. Anyhow, the VR headset shows us that developers are determined to offer gamers a fully immersive gaming experience. In reality, you can lose yourself in the game before returning to reality.

Augmented Reality

If the virtual world is not your thing, why not try some games using reality increased? Not limited to a television or computer monitor, gaming in augmented reality allows a unique perspective for the player. They handle spaces within the real world and make the game object applicable to real-life situations. For example, you can play table hockey on your kitchen counter from any angle.

Games of Chance

Companies that started out using wearable technology for mobile fitness applications now also aim to incorporate entertainment on wearable technology. Wearables or wearable technology are not only extensions of your body, but they will also become extensions of the game consoles you know and love.

Mobile Games

When it comes to smartphones, the gaming experience has been placed in the palm of your hand. Mobile technology has spread the love for digital games beyond console consumers and online gamers.

Cloud Games

Developers are trying to lighten the load with the cloud instead of creating video game systems that require more powerful hardware. There is no need to be limited by the amount of memory offered by discs or consoles. The cloud opens games up to the size limits of massive servers where you can stream images to your screen via the Internet.

Games on Demand

Players can now view and share live broadcasts of their games. More and more people are now streaming video games, and soon we will have streaming sites just for gamers or eSports competitions. These outstanding technological advances make games more accurate, accessible, immersive, and entertaining.

Licensing of Large Brands

Given that gaming is a competitive industry, and it is costly to reach new users, developers embrace licensing large brands in several ways. One of the ways is building games around the brand itself. They also tend to use celebrities as ambassadors, which further attracts their fans. The third option is to create the game itself around a celebrity. 



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