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All three models for Samsung Galaxy S22 series tipped prior to launch
Prior to the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, all three variants were rumored.

All three models for Samsung Galaxy S22 series tipped prior to launch

All three models for Samsung Galaxy S22 series tipped prior to launch
Image Credits: Super Roader (YouTube)

The Galaxy S22 is on its way, and a new leak has revealed the purported prices for all three varieties. While the standard Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S22 Plus (or Have Pro) are expected to see a little price hike, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is expected to see a $100 increase.

Granted, a report from TheGalox_ suggests that the S22 Plus and S22 Ultra will include 256GB of basic storage, making the price increases more bearable. However, in a world where the iPhone 13 and Pixel 6 provide attractive experiences at affordable prices, one has to question what Samsung is thinking if these allegations are true.

The Galaxy S22 will allegedly start at $849, the Galaxy S22 Plus at $1,049, and the Galaxy S22 Ultra at $1,299. Given the speculations around that phone, it’s not unexpected that the Ultra has risen to the same price as the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra.

A $50-$100 price increase across the board is unlikely to appease customers who prefer to buy the phones altogether. We think the Galaxy S21 series was considerably more reasonably priced, much more so than the Galaxy S20 series in 2020. However, with the chip scarcity causing issues everywhere, producing cellphones is likely to be more expensive than ever.

So far, the Ultra edition of the Galaxy S22 looks to be the most exciting of the three variants. A recent leak shows the Galaxy S phone with the most Note-like design ever, replete with a S Pen slot.

Samsung is also rumored to be reducing the size of all three phones — the S22 to 6.1 inches from 6.2 inches, the S22 Plus to 6.5 inches from 6.7 inches, and the S22 Ultra to 6.8 inches from 6.9 inches.

In most markets, all three phones will be equipped with the latest Snapdragon 898 system-on-chip, while others will be equipped with the Exynos 2200. (which, based on what we know, is the more intriguing of the two due to its AMD-powered GPU).

We expect slight changes to the cameras, with the S22/S22 Plus getting a 50MP primary sensor and the Ultra getting a 108MP sensor with a new detail mode. The Galaxy S22 family is expected to be revealed and released in February, with Samsung releasing the Galaxy S21 FE in January.


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