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Apple Glasses – Latest leaks about launch date, specifications & pricing
Apple Glass has the ability to change the industry, here's what we've discovered so far on release date, specifications & pricing for Apple Glasses

Apple Glasses – Latest leaks about launch date, specifications & pricing

Apple Glasses – Latest leaks about launch date, specifications & pricing
Image Credits: Macrumors

Apple Glass, a futuristic wearable product that overlays visuals in the actual world around you, maybe a futuristic wearable product. When we first heard about Apple Glasses, we were told that the lenses will be available this year. However, recent leaks and insider information suggest that Apple’s augmented reality glasses will be hazy in the near future. According to a reliable source familiar with Apple product releases, the release will not occur until 2022. The earliest we’ll see them, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, is 2023. In any case, the project is unmistakably underway.

Apple Glass is expected to run on Starboard (or possibly glassOS), a proprietary operating system first revealed in iOS 13’s final version. Apple is most likely testing activation and application because the augmented reality framework appears multiple times in code and text documents. Here’s everything we know about Apple Glass so far, including a possible release date, pricing, design, and specifications.

Apple Glasses – Speculations about its launching date

According to Bloomberg, Apple Glass will be released in 2023 at the earliest. Apple is getting closer to releasing a virtual reality headgear that will compete with the Oculus Rift 2. However, TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, probably the most famous and trustworthy Apple expert, believes otherwise. At the earliest, Apple Glass won’t be ready to market until 2022. However, according to Bloomberg, a presentation seen internally by Apple and leaked to The Information, the launch date is scheduled for 2023.

All of this might be inaccurate; according to Jon Prosser, a respected Apple leaker, Apple Glasses could arrive sooner than expected. According to Prosser, the launch is scheduled between March-June 2021. But it was a long time ago.

Prosser also claims that Apple Glass will be announced before it is ready to market, similar to how it took several months following its introduction to sell the first-generation Apple Watch. Apple is rumored to want members of the press in attendance for the announcement, so it may have to wait till in-person tech events restart.

According to Prosser, the firm may reveal the lenses as a “one more thing” announcement at its annual autumn address. Apple Glass lenses have passed the prototype stage and started trial production, according to The Information, a crucial milestone in bringing Apple’s wearable gadget to market.

Apple Glasses – Speculations about its Specifications

There are no confirmed specifications for Apple Glass at this time, but we may make educated guesses based on what we know about existing technology. It will, for example, feature a field of vision (52 degrees) and a resolution (47 PPI) similar to the Hololens 2.

If Apple wants to develop a truly augmented reality solution, rather than a heads-up display that displays 2D floating notifications or maps like Google Glass, the Apple Glasses should link to the iPhone through a separate Wi-Fi connection.

If the iPhone is required to analyze all of the footage collected by the glasses’ cameras and transmit back the 3D images at a very high frame per second rate (a bare minimum of 60Hz, with a 120Hz refresh rate being optimum), it will require far more bandwidth than Bluetooth can offer.

If Apple wants to compete, we should anticipate a least of three hours of battery life, though we can imagine that customers will be more forgiving especially if Apple includes a wireless charging glasses case that can prolong the device’s operational duration throughout the day, similar to the Apple AirPods.

According to reports, the most recent Apple Glass prototype resembles a pair of “unintimidating” plastic spectacles, while marketing materials imply a Clark Kent-like appearance. For privacy considerations, it features a LiDAR scanner at the right time but no additional cameras (although that could change.) A plastic stand with wireless charging is also included with the glasses. The Apple Glass design will undoubtedly be influenced by its status as an iPhone accessory. Though the glasses will not be as light as your Ray-Ban aviators, they may be light and comfortable enough to wear every day.

There are no plans for a colored version of Apple Glass in the first generation. You’ll have to stick to your old sunblockers for the time being. However, if Apple Glass becomes popular, the business may explore expanding its product line. Apple Glass might have a modular trick up its sleeve as well. The suspected mixed reality glasses might come with interchangeable limbs that each serve a different purpose or perform a different function. According to display researcher Ross Young, the Apple Glass headgear may employ Sony OLED panels for augmented reality.

Apple Glasses – Speculations about its Pricing

Apple Glasses are now priced at $499 plus prescription expenses, according to Prosser. That may appear modest, especially when compared to rival augmented reality headsets such as Microsoft’s Hololens 2.

The Hololens 2 costs $3,500, but that includes all of the hardware required to power the augmented reality experience. Apple Glass, on the other hand, will rely on a companion iPhone for processing, which means it will have far fewer pieces and be far simpler than Hololens. It’ll function similarly to the Vuzix Blade smart glasses, which include a built-in camera and Alexa support. Vuzix Blade, on the other hand, begins at $799. Apple’s starting point is far more affordable, costing as much as some of the company’s most expensive smartwatches.

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