Image of Elon Musk alongside image of Jeff Bezos
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Musk advices Jeff Bezos to party less, work more to get to orbit
Musk replied to a tweet asking about Jeff Bezos being good person

Image of Elon Musk alongside image of Jeff Bezos
Elon Musk advices Jeff Bezos to party less and work more
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On Saturday, May 28, Tesla chief executive Elon Musk took to Twitter yet again to provide some advice to Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. He advised the fellow billionaire to party less, and work more if he wants to get to orbit. This tweet from the SpaceX CEO was a response to a tweet from a user on the platform.

As the Twitter user asked Musk if he thought the Amazon founder was a good person, the Tesla CEO replied saying that he is ‘fine’ He tweeted he ‘guessed’ that Bezos is ‘fine,’ adding that he he was ‘spending a lot of time’ in his hot tub in the last few days. He went to note that if Bezos wants ‘to get to orbit,’ then he should party less from now on and how it would be ‘advisable’ for him to work more.

The tweet from Musk on May 28:

This comes up as the space venture of Bezos, Blue Origin goes on to delay its fifth tourist flight to space. Originally, the flight was intended to start off on Friday, May 20. Moreover, the company gave in a statement saying that its NS-21 had to face certain problems with the vehicle. However, it has not yet announced the new target launch date.

Recently, the Tesla CEO has run into a range of issues owing to his Twitter acquisition deal and recent accusations regarding an alleged sexual harassment. These controversies have led to Musk’s net worth dropping by $10 billion going to $202 billion from $212 this month.

Previously, Musk had stated that his $44 billion Twitter acquisition deal on temporary hold owing to pending details on spam and bot accounts on the social media platform. Meanwhile, he had actively denied all allegations of sexual harassment against him. Musk has continued his ways of actively expressing his thoughts and opinions on Twitter despite all controversies.

Similarly, the net worth of Jeff Bezos also took a significant hit this year like Musk and other billionaires. The Amazon founder’s net worth dropped by $64.6 billion this year.

Currently, Musk is keeping up his ways to grow his status as the richest man in the world. Despite the drop, the Tesla CEO’s net worth is still skyrocketing over the rest of the top earners this year. Along with SpaceX and Tesla, he is continuing to grow his empire in various sectors.