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Samsung Confirms It Won’t Dump Tizen OS For Its Android TV Lineup
After dumping Tizen OS for Samsung watch, Samsung confirms Samsung’s Android TV lineup will stick with Tizen OS for Android TV, checkout to know more

Samsung Confirms It Won’t Dump Tizen OS For Its Android TV Lineup

Image Credits: Samsung

This week, Google shocked Wear OS fans by announcing that it was working on an improved version of the operating system with Samsung’s support.

As part of the deal, Samsung’s upcoming wearable s will come with the latest platform rather than Tizen, the company’s current smartwatch OS.

Samsung Tizen OS Will Be Sticking With Android TV Lineup

Following the launch, there was some talk that Tizen would be phased out in favour of Android TV. Samsung has now debunked the theory, as first stated by Protocol.

“Tizen will continue to be the default platform for our smart TVs in the future,” a company representative told Engadget.

It’s no wonder that Samsung isn’t doing any major improvements. The brand is one of the most well-known and competitive in the industry, despite the fact that the TV market is vastly different from that of wearables.

Many customers do not consider the operating system that comes with a television before making a purchase. In such sales, size, display quality, and, most importantly, price play a much larger role.

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