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Apple Watch Series 7 clones revealed new design changes, do checkout
New clones for Apple watch series 7 reveals the smartwatch to feature a new design change

Apple Watch Series 7 clones revealed new design changes

Apple Watch Series 7 clones revealed new design changes
Image Credits: Majin Bu (Twitter)

In line with the latest 2021 iPad Pro and iPhone 12, the Apple Watch 7 is likely to have a new flat-edged design. Now, clones of the Apple Watch 7 are surfacing in China that looks to be based on the reported makeover. For quite some time, the new Apple Watch 7 design has been speculated.

However, renderings only go so far; if you want something more real, head to China, where counterfeit copycats based on CAD drawings are expected to swarm the streets. These Apple Watch 7 clones, as revealed by leaker Majin Bu – who only recently confirmed new sizes for the wearable – offer you a sense of what the next Apple Watch may look like, even if they are a little rough around the edges.


Obviously, if you were bold enough to purchase one of these knockoffs, you would not be receiving anything close to the experience that a genuine Apple Watch provides.

According to Bu, these will cost approximately $60 or around 15% less than an Apple Watch 6 in the US – and will most likely run software that is customized to appear like WatchOS but lacks the same level of functionality.

Even yet, if you squint a little and envision a lot more polish, it offers you a sense of how the new flat design may seem in the real world. We expect the display to be a little more neatly integrated with the shell.

Apple Watch series 7 clones

Apple Watch series 7 clones
Image Credits: Majin Bu (Twitter)

Plus, we’ve heard that Apple will use a “new lamination process” with the Apple Watch 7, which would move the display closer to the top cover, making it easier to see. Obviously, it isn’t the case here.

Aside from that, very little information regarding the Apple Watch 7 has surfaced. As is customary, we expect a speedier CPU and Apple will focus heavily on health features, but the much-anticipated blood glucose monitoring is said to be delayed until next year at the earliest.

Apple is also expected to include a “Time to Run” option to complement the existing “Time to Walk” mode offered to Apple Fitness Plus users, according to reports. We’d anticipate something similar, but tailored to promote a faster pace, given that the present version has celebs like Dolly Parton and Shawn Mendes chatting about something while they walk.

When will we get to see Apple Watch Series 7 launch?

When will we get to see Apple Watch Series 7 launch?

Apple Watch Series 7 launch date
Image Credits: Majin Bu (Twitter)

When Apple formally introduces the new wearable, there will undoubtedly be much more to disclose. The Apple Watch 7 is expected to be released next month, however, whether it will be at the same time as the iPhone 13 remains to be seen.

What else do we know?

How about a 120Hz refresh rate for the Apple Watch 7 display? Noteworthy is the fact that two credible Apple leakers have different claims. According to Jon Prosser’s latest Apple Watch leak, the display “will likely remain the same as it has been for the previous several iterations.”

Although it’s difficult to anticipate what this new lamination process implies for Apple Watch 7, it might result in a more responsive display or enhanced long-press features. It’s also tough to tell if Prosser or Gurman’s information is reliable – the frontman for FrontPage Tech has a 74.2 percent accuracy percentage with Apple leaks (according to AppleTrack), while the Bloomberg reporter has a whopping 89.1 percent accuracy rating.

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