Newsmakers Of The Week-Your Weekly News Roundup !

This week, international startup segment saw some positive turnarounds. With developments such as 3D Printing Robots to construct mammoth structures in space, Facebook’s plan to develop its own map, Microsoft Unleashes SQL Database Software, Tesla building world’s largest factory called ‘Gigafactory’ in California etc. But main catch of the week was Barack Obama’s message to the tech community to reform encryption key to assist the law enforcement investigations. Though the President declined to comment anything on current battle between FBI and Apple, but clearly stated that certain reforms are very necessary for the mobile industry. Other news that broke the iceberg and heated the media agencies around the world was Deepmind’s victory over the South Korean Go Champion Lee Sedol. Google’s Deepmind Artificial Intelligence has set a new benchmark in Artificial Intelligence segment as the software scored a hat trick over Lee Sedol. Indian Startup sector went for a bumpy ride despite of government’s announcement that it is planning to increase the funding by five times to boost the startup industry. Techstory presents ‘Newsmakers Of The Week’, a package of news articles which literally buzzed the startup market last week.

HDFC Backs Flipkart; Invests Rs 450 Cr In the Retail Giant


7 March, 2016, Bangalore: Moved by the online market place business in India, HDFC Bank has shown its trust on one of India’s biggest online marketplaces, Flipkart. According to the latest document filed by the company at Resgterar of Companies (RoC), company has secured a whopping Rs 450 crore funding from the private sector lender, HDFC Bank.

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Ray Tomlinson, The Brain That Invented Email Service Says Final Bye To The World


7 March, 2016, USA: The man who gave a gift to the world and made the mailing service as fast as it could, has signed off from the world. Ray Tomlinson, the brain that invented the email service has died at the age of 74 due to a sudden heart attack.

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Oyo Rooms Finding It Difficult To Allure Investors As Its Funding Contracts


8 March, 2016, Bangalore: Oyo Rooms is facing a tough time when it comes to raise fresh funding. The company has lowered its valuation and now it’s looking to raise at least US $100 million from investors, which is a quarter of what it had raised in last November (US $400 million). This situation is a result of slow business and increase in competition.

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Now 3D Printing Robot Will Create Mammoth Structures In Space


8 March, 2016, USA: Since the time humans ventured into the space, they have been constantly inventing technology which can scale up their research work in the orbit. Right from discovering the Solar System to putting their first step on Moon, human race has been exploring the world of galaxy to the fullest. But it is not a cosy ride for astronauts who travel to reveal unfold secretes. These spacemen faced lot of difficulties when they enter in space and most of the time they have to rely on next launch from Earth for their needs.

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Facebook To Develop Its Own Map With The Help Of Artificial Intelligence


9 March, 2016, USA: Facebook is taking a step forward to map the world with its technology. The social media giant, now wants build its own map by using artificial intelligence. This step will assist Facebook to scale the human population across the world and the data collected through Facebook map will help in launching its solar-powered planes that transmit internet service.

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Microsoft Unleashes SQL Database Software For Linux Systems

9 March, 2016, USA: Microsoft, one of the top heads in the software business has made a positive move to support Linux systems. In its recent announcement, the company informed that it is making its database available for the Linux systems. This news might have raised few eyebrows as it is company’s biggest move on the rival open-source system.

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Agony Continues For As One More Co-Founder Quits The Company


10 March, 2016, Mumbai: The most controversial site, again falls in trouble as its fifth co-founder Advitiya Sharma signs off from the company. With this, now company is left with three co-founders Abhishek Anand is chief technology officer; Snehil Buxy is chief product officer; and Amrit Raj is head of digital marketing.

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Tesla’s New Gigafactory Will Be Powered By 100% Renewable Sources Of Energy


10 March, 2016, USA: Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla has always been a person who believes in bigger ideas. The man, with a wide vision is all set to build a monster factory called ‘Gigafactory’. This US $5 billion project when completed, it is not only going to be the World’s largest factory but it is going to be the World’s first workhouse which runs on 100 per cent on renewable sources of energy.

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Bangalore Police Goes On Whatsapp; Now Accepts Complaints On The Messaging App

Whatsapp Police

10 March, 2016, Bangalore: Seems like the entire world is dancing on the tune of whatsapp, from youngsters to matured person and from high class to middle class families, each one of them are hooked to this messaging app. Now, recently Bangalore police department has joined the whatsapp’s bandwagon to curb the crime rate in the IT hub of India.

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Government Moving Aggressively To Back Startup Sector; Increases Funding By Five Times For Budget in Next Fiscal


11 March, 2016, New Delhi: Government at the Centre is looking very positive about backing the startup sector of the company. After opening its goodie bag for the startup sector in the last budget, it is again planning to increase the funding by five times to boost the startup industry of the country.

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Apple Is Expected To Unleash New iPhone And iPad On March 21 As It Confirms The Date

11 March, 2016, USA: Putting full stop on all the speculations, the technological giant, Apple has finally confirmed that it will be hosting an event on March 21. The main highlight of this event is expected to be the release of new iPhone and iPad.

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Obama’s Message To Tech Community-Solve Encryption Problem Now Or Pay Later


12 March, 2016, USA: World’s most powerful man’ Barack Obama, President, United States OF America has asked the tech community to build a safe encryption key to assist the law enforcement investigations. He also adds further that if the community fails to deliver that then it will have to face more draconian solution passed by a Congress that is less sympathetic to its worldview.

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AlphaGo Scores A Hat Trick Over Go Champion Lee Sedol


12 March, 2016, Seoul: AlphaGo has outrun South Korean Go Champion Lee Sedol , scoring a hat trick over the human brain at Seoul. With this victory, Google’s Deepmind AI has become a clear winner of a grand price of US $1 million.

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