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Stories @ Techstory – Weekly Roundup !


Richa Kar Creates India’s Best Lingerie Store with Zivame!

“When you are growing a business you cannot spend as much time with family and that is a choice I have made.I work 9 am to 9 pm, I don’t do any housework as I have household help to take care of that, don’t socialize, don’t have time to interact with parents. I only work.” Richa Kar, founder and CEO of Zivame, talks to Techstory about the Zivame success, about what it means to be an entrepreneur and about being a women in the startup space !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/richakar/

10 Most Powerful Women in the World !

Stories in Pictures – 10 Most Powerful Women in the World !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/top10powerfulwomen/

Priya Maheshwari of Properji – Helping you make informed home buying decisions !

“I was aghast by how all Indians were putting their entire life’s savings in property based on leap of faith assumptions and blind trust in those who were ready to cheat them. So I decided to start Properji with the objective of providing buyers with an unbiased and independent property related advice so that they can make an informed decision before buying a property.” says Ivy League graduate Priya Maheshwari, cofounder of Properji. The story of Properji, a company trying to bring trust, transparency and professionalism in real estate market.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/priyamaheshwari-properji/

Sheryl Sandberg: Why we have too few women leaders

Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions — and offers 3 powerful pieces of advice to women aiming for the C-suite.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/sheryl-sandberg-ted-talk/

Quotes for Ambitious Women !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/ambitiouswomen/

Shaili Chopra speaks to Techstory about life as an entrepreneur !

What makes a very popular journalist take entrepreneurship route? Find out as Shaili Chopra speaks to Techstory about life as an entrepreneur !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/shaili-chopra-speaks-to-techstory-about-life-as-an-entrepreneur/

Conversation with PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi and David Bradley

Indra K. Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiC0, at the Aspen Ideas Festival , talks to David Bradley, who owns The Atlantic, about work life balance amongst a few other things.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/conversation-with-pepsico-ceo-indra-nooyi-and-david-bradley/

Anisha Singh creates India’s largest coupon providing site with MyDala !

“We just were a determined bunch who weren’t ready to hang our hats. Not Quitting is what makes MyDala what it is today!” Meet Anisha Singh of MyDala.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/anishasingh/

Husband Wife duo – Anand and Ashwini are bringing the power of Artificial Intelligence to every mobile user !

He is passionate about technology, she is fascinated by how humans interact with technology. Together this couple, extremely passionate about the science of machines, are building one of the most exciting artificial intelligence companies of our country. The story of Ashwini Asokan and Anand Chandrasekaran of Mad Street Den !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/madstreetden/

Inspiring Quotes from Female Celebs!

Stories in Pictures – Inspiring Quotes from Female Celebs !
Read full story at : https://techstory.in/inspiringquotesfemalecelebs/

Ruchi Sanghvi: From Facebook to facing the unknown

Ruchi Sanghvi, Facebook’s first female engineer, decided early on to follow her intuition rather than let fear or convention dictate her decisions. From joining Facebook, to building Facebook Newsfeed, to quitting Facebook and embarking on her own startup, Sanghvi has continuously defied–and then surpassed–expectations. Her startup, Cove, was acquired soon after she gave this talk.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/ruchisanghvi-from-facebook-to-facing-the-unknown/

Mathtweets – Making Maths fun !

Ex Principal of K J Somaiya College of Education Mumbai, Subbalakshmi Kumar is now making learning fun for the kids in school through Mathtweets.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/mathtweets/

Ajaita Shah Through Frontier Markets provides clean energy solutions to some of Rajasthan’s poorest citizens !

“I want to see a satellite map with less dark patches and more lights.” Meet Ajaita Shah, CoFounder & CEO of Frontier Markets, Forbes magazine’s 30 under 30 social entrepreneurs, working to provide clean energy solutions to the country’s poorest !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/ajaitashahfrontiermarkets/

Most powerful women in Indian Business !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/powerfuindianwomen/

Pragnya Wakhlu’s Mousai uses music & movement to help people lead more inspired & positive lives !

“I felt that the reason for my being on earth was to serve a greater purpose than coding in a tech company. Thats how I started Mousai.” Meet Pragnya Wakhlu of Mousai, a company that uses music and movement as a form of learning to help people lead better lives.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/pragnya-wakhlu/

Emma Watson at the HeForShe Campaign 2014

Emma Watson, British actor and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, co-hosts a special event for UN Women’s HeForShe campaign.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/emma-watson/

Farm2Kitchen – Building healthy India. One kitchen at a time !

One of India’s oldest and fastest growing online organic foods store, Farm2Kitchen, is now present is 250+ cities across the country, has set up its first physical store and is soon

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/farm2kitchen/

Quotes from some of the most Famous Women in History !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/quotes-from-some-of-the-most-famous-women-in-history/

How Sukruti Vadula’s Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Foundation is creating a tech savvy generation !

” We want school kids in India to read PCB board connection as easily as reading a novel.” meet Sukruti A Vadula, President , Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Foundation (RAIF).

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/sukrutivadula/

The Most Powerful Women In Tech

Stories in Pictures – The Most Powerful Women In Tech

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/the-most-powerful-women-in-tech/

CEO, serial entrepreneur, advisor to VCs – The very inspiring story of Bhawna Agarwal !

Building businesses ground up, turning around company’s growth, advising startups, advising VCs – She has done it all. Meet a very well know name in the startup world – the very inspiring -Bhawna Agarwal !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/bhawnaagarwal/

J.K. Rowling Harvard Commencement Speech

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter book series, addressed graduating students at the Harvard University Commencement in 2008 and talked about the importance of failure in the making of success.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/j-k-rowling-harvard-commencement-speech/

Oprah Winfrey on Career, Life and Leadership

Oprah Winfrey shares seminal moments of her career journey and the importance of listening to your instincts. Winfrey also offers advice to students on how to find their calling: “Align your personality with your purpose, and no one can touch you.”

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/oprah-winfrey-on-career-life-and-leadership/

Women travel the world with Sumitra Senapaty’s WOW !

“I really wanted the Indian women to travel and to make a lot of friends during their journey. It is my cause which keeps my passion alive!” Meet Sumitra Senapaty, founder of the WOW Club

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/sumitrasenapaty/

Shammi Arora’s Vyu TV app to make watching TV an enjoyable experience again !

“We did a complete exercise of coming up with use cases and testing them with users before coming up with a product”. Meet Shammi Arora, CPO at Vyu TV, as she talks about the VYU TV app, suggest better product building practices and talks about what it is like being a woman in the tech industry.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/shammi-arora/

5 most powerful women in tech in India

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/womenintechindia/

Sneha Thakker of Thakker Technologies – Conquering the world of web & mobile app development

She is the proud recipient of the ‘Outstanding Woman Entrepreneur’, ‘Best Young Entrepreneur’, and ‘Priyadarshini Award’. Meet Sneha Thakker of Thakker Technologies.

Read full story at :https://techstory.in/snehathakker/

Plan your dream wedding with Minnat Lalpuria’s 7Vachan !

“We are the wedding consultants who help couples find what they need, at a lesser cost, and in lesser time.” Meet Minnat Lalpuria of 7Vachan.

Read full story at : techstory.in/minnatlalpuria/

Niketa Malhotra’s Pulse Savings helps low income families save money !

“The sight of a bright young child quitting education because of poverty and lack of family savings moved me immensely.” Meet Niketa Malhotra of Pulse Savings

Read full story at :https://techstory.in/niketamalhotrapulsesaving/

Most Powerful Women in Politics !

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/most-powerful-women-in-politics/

Deepti Kasbekar creates Pune’s first coworking space for startups – The Mesh !

Finding the right place to work has always been a challenge for entrepreneurs. Pune now gets its own co-working space with The Mesh where startups can work , interact and be a mutually beneficial community.

Read full story at :  https://techstory.in/themeshp/

Parul Gupta brings the world’s best online courses to you through SlideRule !

She is the recipient of the MIT Technology Review Young Innovators Award, the IIT Bombay Distinguished Service Award & the Foundation of Youth Social Entrepreneurship (FYSE)’s Young Changemaker award , she is a mother and is one of the founders of Slide Rule. Meet Parul Gupta.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/parul-gupta/

Vineeta Singh’s FabBag introduces Indian women to some of the best beauty products!!

She always knew that she wanted to be an entrepreneur. Vineeta Singh with her second venture FabBag is introducing Indian Women to some of the best beauty products at a very low cost through a monthly subscription model .

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/vineeta-singhs/

Suchi Mukherjee plans on creating South East Asia’s largest online discovery platform through Limeroad!

After a very successful career of working at very senior positions for 16+ years , Suchi Mukherjee returned to India to create the most extensive lifestyle platform for women’s lifestyle products – Limeroad. The story of Suchi Mukherjee.

Read full story at : https://techstory.in/suchimukherjee/



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